Digital Transformation

Paperless office for law firms

An interesting article by outlines how law firm Ambrose Law Group LLC gained financial and sustainability advantages via the paperless office.

Technology always played a very important role in the practice, which has offices in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon and a branch office in Bend, Oregon and has been in business for over 20 years. In the 90’s, members of firm management attended the ABA Annual Meetings in San Francisco, which included a Law Practice Division CLE called “Technology for the Rest of Us,” offering veteran attorney speakers with a wealth of technology experience.

Having met with Ross Kodner, an attorney/technology expert from Wisconsin, Ambrose realised that technology could not only overhaul how the firm did business, but also enable them to compete with larger law firms. A “top down” buy-in from management/partners was a great advantage; allowing the firm to move much quicker than some larger firms, who often have to convince larger numbers of people to support digital plans.

Read more about the plan, the technology used, the implementation phase and the end results here.

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