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Confidential Destruction

Be compliant with Dajon’s shredding services

It is becoming more important as new compliance regulations come into force that companies are dealing correctly with their confidential information.

Confidential destruction of company and client information is now essential in nearly all regulatory standards and correct destruction of information prevents:

  • Identity Theft
  • Loss of private and commercially sensitive information
  • Non-compliance to regulatory standards
  • Safeguarding client confidential information.
  • Helps to prevent commercial or industrial espionage

This is why at Dajon we offer four destruction services so you can comply to regulatory standards. Our services include:

  • Destruction Sacks
  • Lockable containers
  • Confidential destruction of Backup Media and Computer Equipment
  • Confidential Destruction of outdated Corporate logos and sensitive clothing, etc..

Six Critical Benefits of Using Dajon

Next day delivery or collection

Whether in sacks or bins, the longer your documents are sat around, the more inconvenience and risk they pose. Dajon can arrange for next day collection.

Dedicated Account Manager

Have direct contact with an account manager who organises any collection personally.

No minimum Collection

There’s no need to wait until you’ve filled an arbitrary number of bins or sacks. Dajon will happily collect whatever you have to destroy.

British Standard BS15713

Relax in the knowledge that the correct procedures are being carried out. Dajon works to to the British Standard BS15713.

Registered Waste Carrier

Don’t be fined by the Environment Agency because you are giving your controlled waste to unlicensed carriers. With Dajon, you get a supplier who’s a registered Waste Carrier

Destruction Certificate

Dajon’s destruction service comes with a destruction certificate. Conform to compliancy regulation audit trails.