Digital transformation journey for PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

Make Your Working Life Simpler

Processing the paperwork that goes with managing properties can be a time-consuming headache. Invoice handling, lease, safety certificates and other essential document management can become a full-time job. Yet with the right automated technology and processes it needn’t be.

Say hello to Digital Transformation Journey for your accounts department!

Property Management Automation

Automate data entry and streamline your processes so invoices can be routed to the right member of your team at the right time, every time. Reduce errors, digitize your paperwork and ensure all your documents are retrievable instantly by any member of your team.

Get more done in less time. Our business process specialists will work with you to automate your business processes, saving you time and money and freeing your staff up for more productive tasks. Our easy-to-use cloud-based software is accessible on any device at any time, taking the stress out of property management.


Tell us how you want your work done and we can help you design the process with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop process map.

This gives you control of all your documents and automatically sets up the system so work is routed to the right person at the right time.

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All your documents are scanned automatically ending time consuming data entry once and for all. Once your process is agreed, our property management software will automatically assign tasks to the appropriate person, ensuring all necessary paperwork is available as it is needed. No more missing documents. Your team can carry out their tasks quickly and efficiently.

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Each team member is allocated tasks in priority order based on the processes you have mapped out.

Managers have full visibility of workflow in real time and can easily re-assign work if necessary due to holidays, absences or increased workload.

Work queue for accounts payable digital transformation
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