Starting a digital transformation journey empowers your organisation to achieve more.

We won’t lie – sometimes it can be hard to start a digital transformation journey, especially if you don’t know where to begin! That’s why your organisation should approach digital transformation in 3 stages. By digitalising your documents, extracting important information and then automating business processes, your organisation can move from paper-heavy office to paperless working in a smooth and easy way!

Your digital transformation journey doesn’t have to be bumpy if you approach it strategically.

Document Digitalisation

Leave paper piles behind. Scan and digitise your organisation’s old, current and future documents for efficient, reliable and fast access to the valuable information.

Data Capture

You have your organisation’s documents in a digital form, but what’s next? By extracting data from your digital documents, you allow valuable information to be put into efficient use.

Workflow Automation

Eliminate human-errors, easily manage your organisation’s workflow, effortlessly retrieve the information you need by implementing workflow automation processes in your business.

Digital Mailroom

A cost-effective alternative to traditional mailroom services, and a step in the right direction towards a paperless office. Mail digitalisation makes your company more flexible, streamlined, and better facilitating remote working.

Our digital mailroom solutions provide a complete service; combining our core competencies of workflow management, document management, document storage, digital scanning, data capture and data security to deliver a comprehensive solution.

You can redirect your mail to us for digitisation. The digitised mail can then be distributed easily and quickly throughout your organisation. So wherever your staff are working, they can have access to the mail.

Human Resources

Take the strain out of HR processes

Handling all the human resources processes for your company is no easy task. Managing recruitment, on-boarding, performance, pay, pensions and learning and development – to name but a few – creates significant challenge for HR departments. As your organisation grows, standardising and codifying your processes can make it much easier to manage. With the right technology you can get more done, more efficiently, leaving your staff free to focus on high-value activities – not just handling paperwork.


We are digital transformation specialists

We inspire & empower organisations to move away from paper piles in the office and embrace digital transformation.

Our expertise lies in a 360° information management services – from document storage to workflow automation. We help businesses in various industries to unleash their full potential by enabling smooth information flow across all the organisation’s departments.

Information Management Services

Document Storage

We provide safe and secure document storage for businesses of all sizes. Our storage facilities are risk-averse and has maximum security at all times. All boxes are uniquely labelled and barcode referenced. This allows for next-day retrievals so your organisation can get its documents back whenever they’re needed.

Offsite Tape Storage

Our offsite tape rotation service provides your organisation a reliable and secure way to backup important data and files. Don’t wait until disaster strikes and data is lost. Be prepared by implementing disaster recovery best practices – store your backup tapes offsite!

Confidential Destruction

Our confidential destruction service allows your business to securely destroy private documents, backup media and computer equipment. No minimum collection amount and next-day collection. We destroy confidential waste in accordance with BS15713 and provide a destruction certificate. Rest assured that your private information is destroyed safely and securely.

Document Scanning

It’s time for your organisation to enter the era of digitalisation. Our scanning services allows your organisation to digitise your paperwork and enables your business to progress on the digital journey. We provide bulk scanning, large format scanning, historical scanning, survey scanning, on-demand scanning and more. Whatever documents you need to digitalise, we’re always here for you!

Data Capture

Our data capture service provides an easy, reliable and accurate way to capture important information. Invoices, mail, surveys, forms, expense claims, and more. No longer will workers need to key in information manually. Use sophisticated data capture technologies to your advantage and save time, money and human resources by automating manual processes!

Electronic Document Management

Electronic document management allows your organisation to automate manual tasks and streamline business processes. Forget using valuable human resources for repetitive processes and enable your workforce to be more efficient and productive!

What our clients say

Dajon have proved to be efficient, supportive and easy to work with.

Andy White – Head of Activities, Stubbers Adventure Centre

Dajon Data Management has provided an exceptional customer experience. We were very impressed how quickly and efficiently they digitalised our personnel records at a very crucial time for our organisation.

Amandeep Manget – Senior Human Resources Manager (Recruitment and Transactions), Breast Cancer Care

We are very happy with Dajon’s scanning services as the speed of service and proactiveness to help us were outstanding

Michael Clode – Senior Partner, Clodes Solicitors

Mercer | Sirota and Dajon have partnered together on a variety of large projects, helping Sirota’s clients to implement global Employee Engagement survey programmes. As well as being responsive to our needs, they’re flexible when we need them to be which is especially important in our line of work. Dajon’s reliability helps us get the data we need in order to provide robust insights to our clients.

Mercer | Sirota

Dajon has been providing us digital mail room services for the past two and a half years. Since Dajon has taken on this service, we have seen a significant increase in our efficiency in handling incoming mail and our Customer Service Function.

M. Walsh – Hawthorn Life Limited

Benefits of working with Dajon

Excellent Service

Our years of experience and collaborative approach ensures that you get the solutions you need to reach your business goals, and the support to help you get there.


Dajon’s numerous accreditations give you the confidence that Dajon have the quality systems in place that will provide the foundation to better customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement.


Dajon are BSI0008 audited compliant, meaning that you do not need to keep paper copies of your scanned documents – saving you space and money.


We understand the role that scanning and workflow automation can play in your organisation, having worked with many over the year resulting in a swifter, more efficient service implementation.

Reach & Capacity

We have our own dedicated service and storage centres throughout London, meaning that whatever your requirements, we can accommodate you, securely and quickly.


Our years of experience and collaborative approach ensures that you get the solutions you need to reach your business goals, and the support to help you get there.

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