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Offsite Media and Tape Storage

We offer online and offsite backup as a dedicated service from Dajon Data Management.

Online and offsite backup from Dajon Data Management

At Dajon Data Management, we can provide you with bespoke online and offsite backup solutions to meet your needs, whether you’re a small firm making your way in the business world or a large multinational organisation.

We offer a complete data management solution, which includes document scanning and document storage to help you create a robust and efficient business continuity and recovery strategy and reduce your reliance on paper.

We can also work with you to make sure you’re compliant with data protection regulations and that you’re meeting other legal responsibilities.

Our offsite storage vaulting is ideal for secure tape and media storage, allowing you to protect valuable information without the need for a dedicated onsite facility.

Offsite media storage solutions

Rapid Recovery System

The importance of Data Protection is not only having a solution that backs up your data but also being able to restore data once a hardware failure has happened. Having your data sitting on tapes or disks without a rapid retrieval solution is like investing your hard-earned money in a savings account with the bank, then going to make an emergency withdrawal and finding out you need to wait a minimum of seven days to get your money, or worse, the money is no longer even there.

This is why Dajon has decided to provide an unrivalled solution in Rapid Recovery Appliances. This solution has proved to reduce Server failure downtime from days to minutes. Secured in our offsite tape and media vaulting, you can rest easy knowing that your backups are stored in a safe space for rainy days.

Don’t let a system crash or a lost file cost you time and money. Get back to business quickly with one of the UK’s most trusted offsite tape storage companies.

Online Backup Services

Online backup is the most efficient way of protecting your business-critical data. It provides you with excellent flexibility and ensures that data is always available whenever you need access to it.

You may have all your files stored electronically on your servers, but what if you suffer a major computer crash? What if an employee accidentally deletes a key document?

Dajon Data Management provides secure and robust online backup solutions for all your digital files within our electronic document management systems, so you won’t be left high and dry.

We do not simply offer you a replicated database of your documents. Instead, we provide total web access to your online data, which means you can get the information you need, when you need it, in just a few clicks.

Affordable Document Storage & Archiving

If your business-critical data is backed up online, you might not see the need for offsite backup as well. But media tapes are still the most reliable form of data backup around. These offline security measures give you protection against online attacks and ensure you can always roll back systems to a more secure state. Furthermore, when systems go down, our offsite tape storage gives you the ability to run remotely and get trading while the issue is dealt with.

For example, in the event of a major power cut, during which access to online files is restricted, media tapes could prove invaluable and help you continue trading as normal.

Dajon Data Management provides offsite media and tape vaults and storage in environmentally controlled conditions using industry-leading barcoding and electronic tracking software.

Tapes are carried in virtually indestructible cases, protecting them from all manner of threats, and our data storage facilities are video-monitored 24 hours a day.

Rapid Retrieval and Automated Data Rotation

In an emergency, we can have your tapes with you in a guaranteed two hours, and electronic tracking devices allow you to track the progress of your delivery.

Dajon Data Management also works closely with you to understand your data backup rotation needs, providing a bespoke automated rotation service that lets you get on with the day-to-day running of your business.

We provide you with your operational account manager who will collect and backup your tapes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on your requirements.