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Transform into a Paperless Office with Dajon Office Solutions

Many organisations and individuals regard the paperless office as a myth. This is understandable with so many organisations still hugely dependent on the manual processing of forms and documents. Yet in this society we are continually judged by our ability to store, secure and retrieve huge amounts of data.

So why are some organisation still slow to adopt this philosophy? Often it is simply a case of if it is not broken why fix it and historically the paperless office has been regarded as a costly, unrealistic, unachievable aspiration where the benefits have not justified the cost, particularly the costs of implementation. Users still like to print documents, right? Well not if the sign-off and approval processes are all electronic as well! Changing the environment from manual to electronic will change the working habits.

The real point is that the concept of the paperless office need not be applied universally across an organisation, you can start by addressing specific business processes such as:-

  • Invoice processing
  • Sales order processing
  • Expenses
  • Claims handling
  • Forms e.g. credit application forms

Delivering some quick wins and demonstrating how the paperless office concept can be applied in the real world, delivering real business benefits.

Document Scanning

High quality, cost-effective scanning solutions from the experts.

Data Capture

Ideal for outsourcing or out-tasking an end-to-end business process.

Electronic Document Management

Increases the effectiveness of your organisation.

Business Process Automation

Enhance mobility, reduce costs, increase efficiency and profits.

Think about the advantages of going paperless

The advantages of an electronic system are significant:-

  • Improved collaboration multiple people have access to the same document
  • Speed of access it takes seconds to search and find a document online Security
  • Controlled access
  • Audit trail who accessed it and when?
  • Lifecycle management how long do you need to retain the data?
  • Cost of storage electronic vs physical
  • Compliance are you meeting all of the legislative requirements for our industry relating to our documentation?

We automatically expect to have immediate access to data whenever required and there is ever-increasing commercial and regulatory pressure for organisations to manage sensitive documentation and information securely regardless of how it is held, either digitally or as a hard copy.

The technology, the tools and the industry knowledge have advanced significantly and this means that the aspiration of a paperless office is very real and achievable and in many cases, the implementation costs can be justified based on the efficiencies that it delivers.

Going paperless will reduce your processing and management costs

Dajon can demonstrate that the paperless office is no longer a myth, it is a reality. At Dajon we specialise in helping organisations transition from costly paper orientated systems and processes to a digital system and delivering the full benefits of a paperless office solution.

Compared to a more traditional manual, paper-intensive business process, managing the same process electronically will significantly:-

  • Increase productivity; we typically see a 30% to 50% improvement
  • Save staff time
  • Reduce workload
  • Reduce costly processing errors
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your business

All of these elements can be measured and savings can be calculated.

Paperless office supports green initiatives within business

Many organisations and particularly those in the public sector are looking towards home working and remote working to help reduce their need to maintain large premises and car parks and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our paperless office solution supports not only the delivery of productivity gains and increased effectiveness but it also allows documents and data to be shared and processed by staff without the need to be located in the same office, supporting this transition to home or remote working.

Strettons Chartered Surveyors

Recent Project

Strettons Property Management needed help converting 700 boxes of paper into 6000 online digital records (including internal administration and confidential client lists, among many other documents) – Dajon stepped in to complete the task.

Dajon provides a complete paperless office solution

Our paperless office proposition enables us to support clients throughout the entire lifecycle, providing a complete and comprehensive outsource service.  We are completely flexible and our clients can outsource either some of or all of the processes required to us:-

  • Secure document collection by Dajon Staff
  • Bulk high-speed document scanning services and solutions
  • Data capture and data entry attaching metadata to the images to deliver process compliant documentation
  • Online document management accessible from any browser with support for workflow rules, keeping implementation timescales and costs to the minimum
  • Document storage and archiving in a secure, accessible and controlled environment for the long term storage of sensitive documents, including medical records, legal documents, wills maps drawings tec.
  • Secure document destruction  we will shred and dispose of any documentation and computer storage media to ensure you remain compliant
  • Environmental disposal of waste

In summary, Dajon can provide a complete one-stop shop solution to help organisations achieve the digital office in simple stages that can be implemented in a step by step process.

Cloud & Enterprise Solutions

Dajon is a next generation software business, with a dedicated focus on simple, smart and secure document-centric solutions. We deploy these solutions via the Dajon Platform, either within the cloud or within our customers’ own Enterprise environments. The Dajon Platform is mature and has been well-proven in a wide range of challenging scenarios since 2005. All Dajon solutions adhere to the company ethos:


Dajon works the way that you work and the way that your business works. There’s no need to change your existing best practice. Simply have Dajon adjust to suit you.


Dajon incorporates rich and powerful functionality behind the scenes in order to streamline your business processes, but it does this without adding complexity. Dajon is smart but not in your face.


Dajon employs a formidable range of security features to protect against all forms of unauthorised access. From the basics, through intrusion protection and data encryption to the very core of the platform.

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