Backup and Storage Document Scanning

Law firms ‘have a duty to protect clients’ documents’

Having a remote backup service on hand is an important consideration for all kinds of businesses; but particularly for those companies for whom the safeguarding of sensitive data is a legal necessity. Law firms, for example, are ethically bound to protect all documents for their clients; if they fail to do so they cannot act competently in the best interests of the person they are representing in a court of law.

In an article for the American Bar Association’s webzine, about the importance of protecting legal papers and files, Edward Poll noted that technology is “the lawyer’s ally in taming the records beast”.

He said: “From generating electronic files on personal computers, to scanning of paper files, to storing electronic records in a remote ‘cloud’ location, computers have made the issue of records retention more manageable – yet at the same time more complex.”

Poll added: “Document scanning is one way to keep clients’ details safe and secure without requiring the physical paperwork, meaning cases that generate vast numbers of documents can be kept neatly online in electronic files and the papers shredded to prevent them from falling in to the wrong hands. The scanned copies create a file database that is easily searchable, saving both time and money.

“And of course, it greatly reduces the inconvenience and expense of paper document storage. So long as there is compliance with jurisdictional rules, it is an excellent solution for the smaller firm. As always, before embarking on such a strategy check the rules and specific time periods in your jurisdiction for storing or destroying client files.”

The legal expert also pointed out that electronic backup systems can help to cut costs for micro companies, by saving valuable office space previously taken up by storage areas. To this end, such systems could be an ideal solution for law firms that are located in prime commercial property areas.

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