Digital Transformation

The Digitisation of Einstein

We spotted some very interesting news in the world of digitisation! If you’re an avid Albert Einstein fan, you can now find out more about the life of the reputable theoretical physicist, thanks to an impressive new archive of digitised files stemming from his life and works.

The ‘Digital Einstein Papers’ project by Princeton University provides open access to all of the papers written by Einstein. Diana Kormos-Buchwald, a physicist and historian at the California Institute of Technology, heads up the project; compiling and editing the documents. The online archive consists of 13 volumes, published by editors of the Einstein Papers Project, with the expansive quantity of documents including both Einstein’s academic papers and letters spanning from his youth up until 1923.

The volumes are in German; however, they come complete with comprehensive English language annotations – letting non-German speaking fans gain access to the thinker’s thoughts and life details. The website does state that curious readers can still “toggle to an English translation of most documents”. Additionally, the site features a dedicated “How to” section, providing further details on how to access and browse through the data.

With a massive 7,000 pages, representing 2,900 unique documents digitised so far – this exciting new archive proves once again how digitisation can be applied to a wide range of documentation.


This project demonstrates just one of the variety of ways in which digitisation can be employed. Dajon carried out a similar project with the UK’s National Army Museum to convert vital historic data into digital form. To read more about this project, download our Case Study {osdownloads download_button 15 “here”}