Digital Transformation

Should paperless offices be our end goal?

A recent podcast and subsequent article by SearchContentManagement asked the question “while companies want to eradicate paper from their offices and their processes, most are far from the nirvana of the paperless office. But is no paper the goal?”

It’s an intriguing question; many (if not all) companies want to remove paper from their offices, in a bid to reduce costs, improve efficiency rates and reduce their impact on the environment – but the majority still have a long way to go towards the achievement of an entirely paperless office – where all transactions are digital and everything is stored digitally, either in-house or in the cloud. However, companies can certainly move a little closer towards their paperless goal.

By converting once-manual processes into digital ones, either using a central content repository to house all digitised information in a CMS, or by taking advantage of cloud technologies, companies can take further steps towards a paper-free environment.

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