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Paperless office helps Scottish lawyers boost productivity

Productivity and efficiency have been given a boost thanks to new technology at a Scottish law firm.

Lawyers from a firm in Scotland are reaping the benefits of their newly paperless office after technology was brought in to move all their documents to a centralised hosting service.

Thompson & Brown Solicitors from Glasgow employed the services of a managed cloud platform provider so that they could move all their case management software and have all their paper folders digitised, The Lawyer reports.

It has already made a big difference, as documents can be updated almost instantly, there is less danger of regulatory requirements not being adhered to and employees no longer have to waste their time hunting through boxes of folders until they find the right one.

Partner at the company Graeme Brown commented: "It was a very sensible option for us when looking at how we could grow the business and use technology to support us in doing so."

At a time when data protection is of paramount importance, going paperless has also resulted in a safer practice. For instance, lawyers used to regularly transport folders and files from the office to their homes, which could easily have led to theft of confidential information or documents accidentally left in a public place.

"Since our data is now stored in one central place, there is a higher level of confidence at the company and the staff are much happier that data is sitting in a secure data centre," Mr Brown added.

Another key benefit is the lack of clutter around the office, as valuable workspace is not being wasted, he pointed out.

Lots of different organisations in a variety of sectors can enjoy the same benefits of going paperless, but it is especially useful for lawyers, accountants and financial services providers, which typically build up large amounts of paperwork very quickly.

Indeed, back in June, John Barnes from publishing company Wolters Kluwer told Accounting Today that people in this profession are easily able to become more productive and efficient thanks to electronic record management.

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