Business Continuity Solutions

Business continuity has always been important within Britain, however, historically, it was more a case that only large global companies would prepare for such disasters. In more recent times, there has been a shift from only large companies preparing for the worst scenario to smaller companies preparing themselves for many eventualities. With the increase in […]

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Lewis, Birch & Ricardo, LLC

Find out how LBR, a premier provider of litigation support services, is now realising a £2000 saving each month on storage fees, a 58% reduction in copying costs, a 35% reduction in post case administration and a massive increase of 33% in additional billable hours, following the provision and implementation of an Electronic Content Management system.

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Categories Backup and Storage

Is your business data protected from fire?

It’s fair to say that when business owners get up for work each morning, they’re more likely to be concerned about issues such as meetings, deals and their bottom line, than they are about the likelihood of a big disaster befalling their office premises. While catastrophes like this are certainly rare, it is important not […]

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Get worker buy-in when cutting paper usage

Businesses may initially invest in disaster recovery services, such as offsite backup storage, in order to minimise the risk of losing valuable data, but there are also environmental benefits associated with having information stored digitally rather than on paper. These advantages could be enhanced by getting the buy-in of employees, who can help to cut […]

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