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Cloud computing results in interesting trend for mobile storage

Storage space is declining in mobile devices.

Cloud computing is becoming more and more ubiquitous for both consumers and business professionals – and it seems this is having an interesting effect on the hardware being used to support it.

A new study from analyst IHS has found that the average amount of onboard memory being offered in smartphones has declined this year when compared with 2012, V3 reports.

While last year the mean amount was 13.2GB per device, it is now only 12.8GB.

Rather than feeling short-changed, it is likely that most people have not even noticed because so much data is now being viewed online rather than being stored inside individual handsets.

The trend was even more pronounced in tablets, with capacity in these mobile devices falling from 32.1GB to 24GB.

IHS explained that rather than offering more storage than people actually need, manufacturers are instead focusing on features such as better battery life and antennae.

It is likely that many of the devices relying less heavily on storage are those being utilised by professionals as they go about their everyday business.

However, companies that allow employees to participate in the ‘bring your own device’ trend and encourage cloud computing were recently urged to take care by ZDNet writer and Linux representative Ken Hess.

He said data protection and disaster recovery is just as essential in mobile devices as it was in traditional computer systems, as employees will still be exposed to risks from hackers and malware.

In fact, it may be more important, as personal devices are likely to particularly vulnerable because they do not have high-spec security measures.

"You’re allowing users to attach to corporate assets, to access corporate documents and to interact with users inside and outside of your network," Mr Hess pointed out.

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