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Could SMEs need to change their ways on disaster recovery?

A haphazard approach to disaster recovery could cost smaller firms dearly.

We rely so heavily on computers and automation these days that it’s a little frightening to think about what might happen if something were to go wrong.

However, that’s exactly what business owners must do, as power outages or even catastrophes like floods and fires could happen at any time – disaster recovery really is vital. This is especially the case for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), which may be less able to cope with substantial losses than their larger counterparts.

But simply putting any old recovery system in place and hoping for the best may not be enough, as it could end up being a hindrance rather than a help.

That is the discovery of a new survey by Veeam Software, which quizzed SMBs all over the world and found that 80 per cent are facing complexity issues when it comes to protecting their data.

For 85 per cent, the problems related to the cost of backup and recovery, while others mentioned the fact that they use too much storage – which could slow computers down during ordinary business operations.

Other complications cited included backups and recovery taking too long – in some cases, it was several hours, which could do damage to bottom lines.

Ratmir Timashev from Veeam said: "More and more, SMBs are being subjected to the same IT challenges and business pressures as large enterprises."

As such, he explained, it is "particularly worrying" that such firms are putting up with substandard disaster recovery.

"When you also consider that one in six recoveries simply don’t work, it’s clear that the issue of data protection is a ticking time bomb in the SMB community," the expert remarked, adding that there are "a whole host of more advanced techniques to take advantage of" if SMBs address their issues.

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