Digital Transformation

Disaster recovery ‘is an insurance policy for all businesses’

Businesses all over the world are becoming aware of the fact that they need a contingency plan for data should the worst happen.

Having a good data disaster recovery plan in place is vital as insurance for all businesses who want to be able to carry on in the event of an emergency, a group of experts have said.

Speaking to Electric Light and Power magazine, they pointed out that this no longer constitutes a major expense thanks to revolutions in technology such as virtualisation and cloud computing.

"There is a lot more interest in disaster recovery from both the enterprise and the [small and medium-sized business] sector. The fact of the matter is, yes, it is becoming a lot more affordable and manageable and the complexity of disaster recovery solutions has come down enormously," explained research director at Gartner Aman Munglani.

So many things can go wrong and threaten data security, from viruses and attacks to environmental events such as flood, so many company owners are moving away from the notion that it will never happen to them towards a realisation that a contingency plan is necessary.

Mr Munglani pointed out that the cost of hosting has also decreased markedly, so even tiny companies can afford to deploy a disaster recovery service off-site.

Enterprise product manager at Dell Middle East Basil Ayass told the magazine he has definitely noticed an increase in uptake lately.

"Customers are aware that today the security situation is getting worse and all enterprise customers today have disaster recovery in place or have plans with aggressive timelines to implement it," he added.

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers in the workplace, firms are also looking more at ways to improve mobile access to data while also keeping it protected, the experts said.

Last month, senior project manager at Symantec Dave Elliott said he thinks the cloud will soon become ubiquitous, with thousands of networks all connected to each other but still safe and secure.