Digital Transformation

Disaster recovery ‘is more simple in the cloud’

Businesses that switch to cloud solutions may find data recovery is more effective.

Firms that upgrade to cloud services will have a greater chance of getting back on track should something happen that disturbs operations.

This is the opinion of Claire Galbois-Alcaix, a senior marketing manager at Mozy, who noted that disaster recovery is made simple with cloud computing, as businesses are able to receive and recover information from any location, and so can supply their employees with a lot more flexibility when it comes to returning to work after a disaster.

"For example, now because cloud services allow you to backup or store the latest versions of your documents in case of a disaster, you’re able to re-access that information, irrespective of the device," she pointed out.

Backing up files to the cloud also allows workers to access data from their tablet or home computer, so they will be able to carry out tasks straight away.

"It doesn’t matter really which device the data was created on, the device is only used as a portal to access the information."

Ms Galbois-Alcaix said that companies do not have to worry about security when they move to the cloud, because such services will already use the highest levels of security in terms of certification, high security standards and encryption.

"So for a lot of businesses, cloud services allow you to guarantee the highest security available at a fraction of the price that it would cost a business to build their own data centres," she added.

Her comments came after Spanish banking group BBVA announced it is switching to Google’s cloud computing services, meaning its 110,000 workers will soon be using the search engine giant’s range of enterprise software.

The bank’s director of innovation, Carmen Herranz, said that customer data and other vulnerable systems will remain in its own data centres and be separate from the cloud solution, the BBC reported.