Backup and Storage

Is your business data protected from fire?

It’s fair to say that when business owners get up for work each morning, they’re more likely to be concerned about issues such as meetings, deals and their bottom line, than they are about the likelihood of a big disaster befalling their office premises.

While catastrophes like this are certainly rare, it is important not to be complacent about them – as an incident in London demonstrated. Not so long ago, a blaze at the Fenchurch Street office of insurance firm AIG severely disrupted business proceedings.

Although there were no injuries and the blaze was put out successfully, the premises had to be temporarily closed and staff relocated while the damage was repaired. AIG had plans in place to keep its data safe. However, would you be able to say the same about your firm’s important documents and information under similar circumstances? Just 1MB of business data could be worth as much as £5,000 – and that’s a lot to lose.

In fact, research shows that companies losing all of their critical business data are likely to go bust within two years – even a small incident could be devastating to a business.

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