Digital Transformation

Small firms could save even more money by going paperless

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can cut down on expenses easily by implementing measures such as going paperless.

North East Business reported that, last year, SMEs in the north-east of England alone managed to achieve an average saving of £6,940 using simple tactics such as energy saving devices and swapping reams of copy paper for digital devices, on which they could view documents.

However, Yorkshire Bank has said that a further £200 million could be made available if more firms copied their example and carefully examined their expenditure.

The Bank pointed out that only a third of SMEs in the north-east review costs more than once a year, even though many admitted that they could probably get better deals on utility bills if they did so more often.

Yorkshire Bank’s Alan Young said: “Keeping a watchful eye on overheads is crucial to ensure business growth and profitability. With difficult trading conditions it can be easy to lose sight of some of the simpler ways of helping your business, but regularly reviewing costs should be top of the to-do list for any SME owner or manager.”

He added that any money freed up with this minimal effort can be spent on supporting growth, something that is vital in the current economic climate.

Going paperless is certainly a good way to save money, as much cashflow is wasted by repeatedly printing out documents and then shredding them. However, a phased approach is likely to be most beneficial to companies – trying to roll out a paperless operation in one swift move can result in confusion and resistance to the change.

As Dajon co-founder Damien Andrews said: “Demonstrate how the technology can improve employee processes and let the employees embrace it in a controlled and structured approach. Only once you have the systems running smoothly and people have incorporated it into their working life, move onto the next department.”

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