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Young workforces could benefit from online document storage

Investing in online document storage could be a smart move for firms with a young workforce.

According to faster payments provider, young adults have the most interest in technology.

This could mean that those enterprises employing a lot of people towards the more youthful side of the age scale could benefit from catering for tech-savvy workers.

As such, firms who use high volume scanning to make all their documentation accessible digitally could gain an advantage in that their staff are able to access important information, regardless of where they are in the world or what time they need the data.

Aside from the obvious advantage off allowing people to work from home, this essentially allows some businesses to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. senior vice president of strategic sales and business development Simon Curtis explained that younger people are often keener to embrace new technology and different ways of working than their more conservative elders.

When asked if the public’s dislike of change meant that many technological advances were held up in terms of the mobile phone market, he said: "Clearly the ‘public’ in general constitutes various different segments; certainly I see the 16 to 30 age group as being the segment that will readily embrace the new phones and the capability to make payments, why wouldn’t they?"

Mr Curtis added that younger people tend to take their mobile devices with them wherever they go and expect to be able to use them for most facets of everyday life.

"They all value their time; they embrace new technology and will never be without their mobile phone," he noted.

"Education will be the biggest challenge to our industry. Without this, adoption of mobile payments will be slow."

Aside from using smart phones to conduct banking, they can also be used for a range of business purposes, including accessing your PC remotely and providing information for presentations and pitches.