Electronic Document Management

The advantages to having documents available online

Document scanning companies can provide their clients with a service that could help them increasingly as their business grows.

An example of how this can be the case can be seen in recent comments from business consultancy Birchman Group.

Partner for the organisation Richard Taylor highlighted how scanning documents and having them available online can save a company time and money during his explanation of how his own firm had adopted free software solutions to its advantage.

He explained that he could have an employee starting work in another country and giving them access to how the company works and the necessary documentation is easy, thanks to technology.

The expert added that Birchman has enjoyed the benefits of deciding very early on in its life as a business that it would adopt certain free software solutions.

“We made an early strategic decision around Google Mail and Google Docs for that purpose,” he said.

“It was reasonably inexpensive at that point in time. It was easy to enable and because it’s provided as a cloud solution, you don’t have to invest in any infrastructure yourself.”

Mr Taylor added that the use of such programmes works “very, very effectively” for Birchman.

“I could have somebody starting in South Africa today – so we set up the email address, give them the account and off they go. And they can get access to all of our methodologies and documentation – wherever they are based – and their own user access rights. So I do think that Google has been quite good and has been positive for us.”

Meanwhile, firms could also be smart to invest in voice over internet protocol as part of their communications improvements, with Infonetics Research claiming the usage is set to rise by 17 per cent this year, with businesses driving the growth.