Electronic Document Management

Engage staff with online document storage

Business leaders who want to foster a happy working environment might be tempted to take advantage of a document scanning service to make more information readily available to staff.

According to European leaders, transparency and inclusion will help boost morale in the workplace and allow employees to feel engaged and fulfilled in their role.

The firm aims to help enterprises achieve higher performance levels by developing their staff and allows clients to recruit, train and use the most talented candidates through its leadership academies.

Director Ashley Ward said it is essential that businesses keep their staff interested and positive if they are to reach their potential.

"The ‘happiness index’ of the people that work in an organisation is incredibly important," he said.

"I emphasise that this is not about having cans of coke in the fridge and free pizzas, but it is about inclusion and transparency and creating an environment in which people know what their individual success looks like, where people work in ways where they understand what the critical thing is that they have to get done to determine the success of the business."

By encouraging staff to participate and giving them the information they desire – such as allowing them access to a document storage facility online – managers will allow them to develop and reach their full potential.

This, Mr Ward added, is good news all round.

"A successful business and a successful individual are better for everyone. These exist in the very business that you would expect the employee culture to be great," he concluded.

In other news, Google Europe’s London-based vice president Philipp Chindler recently predicted that despite the current economic downturn, 365,000 new jobs could be created over the next four years as the online industry grows and more ecommerce firms are established.