Backup and Storage

Ditch the paper – make big business savings

With an amazing array of digital technologies available to us – paper documents really should be a thing of the past – but these ancient tree-derived relics still tend to lurk in some offices. With an average office using a whopping 10,000 sheets of paper a year (according to Xerox) – and with 45 per cent of those sheets being thrown away within 24 hours (according to Gartner) – clearly a lot of money is being wasted.

By removing this (often unneeded) paper from their operations, businesses could improve productivity by as much as 30 per cent – that’s a huge figure to consider. Although emails and text messages have largely replaced letters and notes – and presentations are generally conducted via video link or with PowerPoint slides, clearly paper is still hanging around – why?

It would appear that people are still printing off documents as a “safe measure” – or perhaps simply because it’s an activity that they’ve always done, and continue to do so, even if it’s unnecessary! Digital archives allow for the secure storage of data – and decreased printing and storage costs can save businesses a staggering amount of money.


So, how can companies reduce their paper consumption levels? Of course, every company is different, but it would seem that the best way to cut down on paper usage is to first gain a better understanding of how paper is actually being used via a simple paper audit. In most cases it will be a fairly simple exercise, but the resulting paper cut backs will have a very positive financial impact!

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