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8 Reasons to Outsource Your Mailroom

Transitioning to an outsourced digital mailroom could be a great boon to your business, and one of the best decisions your company could make.

Transitioning to an outsourced digital mailroom could be a great boon to your business, and one of the best decisions your company could make – especially in the current climate.

If you are unsure if it’s the right move or need to arm yourself with some solid incentives to convince your decision-makers, we hope this article can help. We have prepared the following list of reasons companies choose to replace their traditional in-house operations with a digital mailroom solution.

1. Further your Digital Transformation

You might enjoy the idea of going digital but are put off by the cost of purchasing the required hardware and software. By availing yourself of outsourced digital mailroom services you get all the benefits of furthering your digital transformation without the initial outlay you would need to set it up yourself.

2. Improve customer service and experience

When mail items go missing, are delivered to the incorrect recipient, or are delivered too slowly, delays and bottlenecks can occur. It could take longer to respond to correspondence, frustrating your customers and reducing staff morale.

By digitising mail, it can be quickly disseminated to the team members that need to action it. By digitalising the process and leveraging automation, mail can be handled faster and mail is mishandled far less often.

3. Provide Audit trail for all communications

Going digital can provide you with greater control of your mailroom. An audit trail for each item can be accessed – every action taken on a file by a user – providing greater transparency for your mail handling.

Related to this, when integrated with a good cloud file management system, a digital mailroom can automate retention periods for applicable documents, which can help automate compliance.

4. Reduce your admin overheads

Service providers for digital mailroom are experts in efficiency and have the technology cut your mail processing costs. Subscribing to a digital mailroom service is means you can both operate cost-effectively and operate well.

5. Allow for more flexibility in working practices

If your staff are able to access necessary business mail from outside the office, they are more able to work from anywhere. Invoices could be approved and processed remotely. Correspondence could be replied to from anywhere.

6. Improve mail delivery cycle

The mail delivery cycle can be improved by eradicating lengthy manual mail handling. Digitising mail and employing automated workflow processes can greatly increase the speed with which mail is processed and greatly reduce instances of mail being mishandled.

7. Lower physical storage requirements

Office space is not cheap. Any reduction in storage requirements is a boon for a business. By digitising your physical mail, you no longer need to store it as paper. This will lower your physical storage requirements, making your business more efficient and saving money.

8. Boost green credentials

By digitising your mail, it is stored and processed more efficiently. Moreover, the paper can be securely shredded and recycled.

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