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American Airlines replace paper with tablets to cut fuel costs

An airline company using computing tablets makes perfect sense – after all, it’s much easier and quicker to search digital-based data than it is to wade through cumbersome paper manuals! However, American Airlines have yet another great reason to ditch paper in favour of newer digital methods – fuel costs.

The airline has won regulatory approval to swap their flight attendants’ bulky paper manuals to much lighter Samsung tablets – a change that will save them nearly $1 million a year. American Airlines spokesperson Andrea Huguely says; “Conserving fuel is important to an airline because it is a huge cost” – so switching from hefty 5-lb flight attendant manuals to tablets really is a no-brainer!

The move follows similar schemes at Delta Air Lines and United Airlines – who have already distributed smart devices to their pilots – and Delta plan to roll out e-manuals for flight attendants very soon. Both American Airlines and Delta agree that smart devices will help significantly with cabin service – letting attendants easily locate premium customers and making in-flight food and beverage sales a much easier process.

All in all – the plans look set to take flight… and soar! – and it’s great news for the paperless quest.

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