Digital Transformation

Cloud enables growth for SMBs Blog according to Deloitte

Small to medium sized businesses face three critical challenges when seeking new growth; access to funds and skills as a start-up, management control and scalability as the business begins to grow and optimisation and innovation as the company matures.

A new report by Deloitte has indicated that SMBs can overcome these challenges with the use of cloud technologies – growing faster by 26% and delivering 21% higher gross profits. Of the companies surveyed, 85% believed that cloud enabled their business to scale and grow faster.

Clearly, SMBs need to optimise their technology and business practices in-line with the new digital world – moving any tools and applications that are not central to their business to the cloud, in order to free up valuable time, capital and resources and establish a core platform for sustainable and rapid growth. Take a look at the Deloitte PDF – “Small business, big technology: How the cloud enables rapid growth in SMBs”, commissioned by Google, by clicking here.