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Could firms use G-Cloud to move to the cloud?

A number of companies have been selected as providers for the new G-Cloud framework.

More businesses will turn to secure online document storage in the cloud now that the UK government has announced its G-Cloud initiative, a networks and IT optimisation consultancy has claimed.

Robert Smith, chief operating officer at Intergence, one of the suppliers to be used in G-Cloud, explained that the cloud programme is a government framework for procuring cloud services and means that more firms will look to moving their own processes to the cloud.

"I think it shows that cloud has moved on from being just a buzz word to something that’s absolutely part of today’s IT infrastructure, both for enterprises and of course now, for government," he commented.

"The G-Cloud is made up of four sections – infrastructure as a service, software as a service, platform as a service and then specialised cloud services."

Technology solutions provider SCC believes the launch of G-Cloud will create "a highly effective new route" for small and medium-sized enterprises looking to go into business with the public sector.

Following its listing as another framework provider, SCC’s UK public sector director Tracy Westall commented: "It’s important that the IT sector doesn’t underestimate the scale of the opportunity on offer here.

"We have invested heavily in creating a secure, reliable and effective cloud infrastructure suitable for the public sector and now that the G-Cloud framework agreement is finally in place, smaller players can piggyback on our technology to market their services direct to the government and beyond."

The news came after Virgin Media Business also confirmed it has been approved to provide services under the G-Cloud framework, meaning public organisations will soon be able to move computing services to the cloud.

"G-Cloud is the next big step on a journey to improved and cheaper technology for the public sector," added director of public sector Lee Hull.