Digital Transformation

Better broadband and faster cloud ‘could help home workers’

Faster broadband connections are improving the efficiency of the cloud and enabling increased numbers to work from home

Cloud technology has been on the uptake among businesses and organisations worldwide in recent years, and as broadband speeds increase the efficiency of such systems is also likely to benefit.

With information transferred at faster rates and data being downloaded far more quickly, the improved connectivity provided by the development of the internet’s capabilities has significant potential to boost the output of workers.

Given the way in which virtual networks rely on high speed broadband, one expert believes that this advancement is leading to the spread of the cloud.

Stuart Hibbert chief executive officer and co-founder of, said: "We have seen significant uptake [of the cloud] from clients and I think a lot of that is down to broadband capabilities – especially in terms of smaller businesses.

"Broadband capabilities have improved quite significantly over the last couple of years."

And as the speed of Britain’s broadband increases, businesses can not only benefit in the office but from home workers having access to faster connections that serve to maintain – and even improve – productivity.

Indeed, with the Olympics fast approaching and companies looking to implement measures such as secure online backup services to deal with the disruption, it seems that the cloud can also play a role in addressing the threat to business continuity.

"It is giving people the ability to be able to work from home. I think on that side, companies are also planning in respect of the Olympics," Mr Hibbert added.

Considering that the capital has never hosted an event on the same magnitude of the 2012 Olympic Games there is little knowledge as to just how big an impact the millions of extra visitors will have on the city’s transport systems, so facilitating home workers is widely touted as being particularly important to limiting the possibly damaging impact on businesses.