Digital Transformation

Quicker internet speeds to ‘support’ cloud uptake

Faster connection speeds are expected to play a supporting role in the shift to cloud computing

With smartphone manufacturing companies battling it out for supremacy and the government attempting to improve Britain’s global ranking when it comes to the nation’s internet connectivity, one expert believes that faster speeds will support an increased uptake of cloud computing services.

According to Ian Shaw, managing director of MWR InfoSecurity, the introduction of 4G technologies and the appetite for quicker connections will see a greater shift towards the cloud – and this could be led by consumers rather than businesses.

"Inevitably, the greater speeds supported by 4G and LTE (long-term evolution) will support a move towards cloud computing, possibly in the consumer space before it is embraced by enterprise," he said.

Yet despite what is expected to be a growing appetite for cloud systems, Mr Shaw also warned that there are certain security factors which have to be taken into account when adopting the services.

"Cloud computing presents some particular challenges in relation to IT Security," the expert added. "For example, companies may find it difficult to be able to gain assurance from cloud providers in the way they have from other suppliers – partly because the shared nature of cloud computing environments."

While securely backing up files in the cloud has a range of benefits in terms of data sharing, flexible working practices and storage considerations, it seems that sufficient emphasis also has to be placed on ensuring that any digital records are properly protected.

What’s more, if the trend towards an increasing uptake of the technology is consumer-led, providers will be required to take steps to effectively safeguard any sensitive details that users with little knowledge of cloud-based security decide to store on the network.

So as faster internet speeds gradually become more widely available and support a greater uptake of cloud computing, businesses and individuals will also have to take into account the safety of the documents they choose to store in the ether.