Backup and Storage

What kind of data should your business keep?

We are living in the era of big data. The curation, capturing, searching, sharing, storage, transfer, visualisation and privacy of information has become a major priority for businesses across all sectors, as we collectively strive to extract value and identify business trends via a wide range of analytics techniques.

However, when your business is creating increasing amounts of data and paperwork by the day, it can be somewhat difficult to ascertain exactly what kind of information to keep.

According to Greg Day, EMEA security CTO and Director of security strategy at Symantec: “With the explosion of information, often doubling year on year, businesses cannot continue to back up everything regardless of its value, so if a disaster does happen, retrieving the information they need is an arduous task costing time and money.”

He added: “Businesses need to be able to de-duplicate their information to make it more manageable. In some instances this can reduce data by up to 90 per cent.”

To this end, it is vital that companies take time out to identify the kinds of data that need to be stored for future reference (either physically or via online backup) – and that an effective plan is formulated to ensure that it is actually done.

If you are having problems determining the kind of data that you should be keeping, get in touch with Dajon. We can help you to create a back-up plan and discuss your individual storage needs further: contact us