Backup and Storage

Extreme weather highlights importance of offsite backup

Businesses have been advised to make sure they are adequately prepared to deal with extreme temperatures in the UK.

The ever increasingly likelihood of extreme weather means that businesses need to ensure they have adequate document storage and offsite backup in place.

According to insurance company Zurich, changing weather patterns in the UK mean that an extreme climate is becoming more likely.

This means that firms need to make sure that are well prepared for unforeseen circumstances such as damage inflicted by extreme conditions.

Zurich cited research from the government’s environmental department Defra and the Association of British Insurers, which shows the effect severe weather can have on businesses.

The organization’s findings reveal that it’s an issue that needs to be addressed immediately, with persistent freezing, flooding and water-related damage highlighted as specific concerns.

The effect these issues can have on both urban and rural areas means that businesses need to be preparing for any potential damage sooner rather than later.

Small and medium-sized firms were reminded to step up their contingency plans because it is not just larger companies with extensive supply chains that can be affected by adverse weather.

Businesses were also urged to take advantage of free resources and online tools to prepare for extreme weather conditions if they are unsure about the risks they face and how to assess potential damage.

Furthermore, firms were urged to review their physical and financial supply chain issues and adapt their business continuity strategies accordingly.

A survey conducted by Zurich in conjunction with the Business Continuity Institute, the Institute of Purchasing and Supply and DHL found that nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) of companies in the UK have experienced a disruption in their supply chain due to extreme weather conditions.

The survey’s findings were echoed by a report from the Chartered Management Institute, which found that 93 per cent of companies experienced disruption to their organisation because of last winter’s extremely cold temperatures and icy conditions.