Backup and Storage

Companies ‘need to do all they can’ to protect data

Firms need to take a range of steps in an effort to properly safeguard their information

Data protection in the age of the internet and a world of rapidly developing technology is widely touted as a necessity, but the most effective ways of implementing an efficient system are not always immediately clear.

As such, businesses face an ever growing challenge to find an appropriate method of keeping their sensitive information safe while adopting the latest trends, and these include blocking any potential breaches that can result from the likes of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practice.

So in order to ensure that companies do not leave themselves exposed to theft or security lapses, are encouraging firms to do as much as they feasibly can to protect their networks and files.

"I don’t think there’s any one mechanism where we can say ‘we’re totally fine because we’re encrypting or wiping’," said David Mahdi, product manager at

"I think really the best thing that IT organisations can do to mitigate risk and feel more comfortable is to do as much as they can within reason."

Given that there is a range of ways to protect virtual data, it seems that implementing as many of these as possible is going to provide the most effective safeguards.

From backing up files online to electronic document storage, there are plenty of options out there to help businesses improve the security of their systems and prevent their falling foul of any breaches that can prove particularly costly.

Indeed, failing to take the necessary measures to protect sensitive data can lead to substantial fines and significant damage being done to a business’s reputation, so adopting the appropriate strategies to deal with the risk of cyber theft is important to both continuity and long term financial stability – especially with the current economic climate making it increasingly hard to get out of the red.