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‘Strategic plan’ needed for cyber security

Whether a company is hoping to establish itself among competitors, or maintain a strong performance, having a clear strategy can play an integral role in facilitating success. To this end, a strong business plan is vital to provide a defined outline for how a business is expected to develop and a standard way to respond to any unexpected situations that may arise.

With companies now adopting the internet – and all of its various technologies – to take advantage of the benefits in terms of efficiency and productivity, one expert believes that a strategic plan is needed to deal with – and defend against – threats to cyber security.

Michael Fey, author of Security Battleground: An Executive Field Manual says: “It is estimated that over £1 trillion in damages have already occurred due to their [business’] cyber activities.”

Fey added: “The missing formula [for success] really derived from the lack of a strategic plan executed by the executive team.

“As businesses lose significant sums of money and fail to put in place adequate data protection systems, it appears that far more could be done to guard against threats to cyber security, and this may help to limit the financial losses experienced by companies as a result of such breaches.”

With Mr Fey also explaining that the losses experienced by organisations as a consequence of failing to install proper online protection strategies are expected to rise to £5 trillion over the next five years, there seems to be a real need for businesses to realise the threat posed to their stability by inefficient cyber security measures.

While a completely secure, Fort Knox-style protective system that blocks out threats indefinitely may not exist, investing in online server backup services or data management storage could form part of a strategic plan; providing organisations with the line of defence that they need when it comes to cyber security.

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