Electronic Document Management

What are the hidden perks of Document Management software?

The digitising of data brings about a number of advantages that may not be immediately apparent. However, those companies who do make the ultimate decision to switch to document management software, thus breaking their reliance on paper, will soon find that the pros by far outweigh the cons.

Generally speaking, organisations will opt for digital methods in a bid to make cost savings, free up office space and enable invoice automation with business partners. With the right tools and a little time, all of these actions can easily be accomplished via digital means, but there are also a number of ‘hidden’ advantages associated with document management software that are not as well-advertised. These benefits could well sway business owners and managers who would not otherwise have considered electronic workflow as an option.

Let’s start with cost savings on consumables – the implementation of a document management system will naturally result in a reduction of paper, filing cabinets, ink and printer maintenance fees, but there are also many other potential areas for cost reduction i.e. smaller consumables such as staples, paper clips, hole punchers and binders/folders.

Lessening the adverse impact that a company has on the environment is also a key plus side to going paper-free. Naturally, a reduction in paper usage is great; when companies stop buying paper, the demand for it will decrease, and this in turn might ultimately drive down the supply. Also, by switching to document management software, companies won’t need to use as much electricity and power in the office. Even small printing jobs cost a lot of money – and printers still use up power, even when on standby.

Finally, a digital switch will result in employees saving a lot of time and effort in the long run. With the ability to look up, access and share data via a computer, the need for manual trips to search through boxes and files is eradicated. Employees become more efficient and documents (i.e. invoices/contracts) can be shared internally, or externally, with ease. Invoicing tasks that may have previously taken days to process can be completed in hours – or even minutes!

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