Electronic Document Management

Top Ways a Paperless Transformation Can Give Your Customers Complete Satisfaction

If you think paperless strategies only offer benefits to your organisation, your business may be failing to recognise that going paperless also offers an unlimited number of benefits to your customers.

1. Increased data security

In recent years, customers have become increasingly aware of data security issues and the need to have their documents stored securely. With the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), businesses now have a greater legal liability to handle customer data in a secure way, making it a top priority for individuals to adapt practices to be compliant.

By adopting an ISO 27001 accredited document management system in your business, you’ll be making a solid start towards complying with the new GDPR laws and ensuring your customers are safe in the knowledge that their documents are secure.

Dajon’s Document Management system is not only ISO 27001 compliant, but it also offers controlled document access for users. This provides limits the documents and information non-authorised users can access, providing your customers with the knowledge that their information will not be able to get into the wrong hands.

2. Quicker access to files

One of the most apparent benefits of Electronic Document Management (EDM) is that employees can access customer information much quicker than if they were using a paper-based process. Customers will no longer have to be put on hold or be left waiting in meetings whilst staff hunt around in filing cabinets or drawers looking for the required information.

John Reynolds, a partner at law firm White & Case, found that “technology in general has led to an explosion of information i.e. the body of evidence used in each case has grown exponentially; incorporating emails, voice data and so on, making electronic document management practically a necessity.” This highlights need towards better access of information and the greater insight into documents held by businesses.

3. Increased speed of follow-up

With intuitive workflows, customers can benefit from the automation of tasks across multiple departments and sites.

Have you had a customer raise a support question on your website and needed to get a member of staff to follow-up? Why not automatically set a task for someone from customer support to give them a call? This means that customers can quickly get the support they need, without the hassle of phoning up and waiting on hold for a representative to speak to them.

Workflows can also accommodate priority tasks, if a customer needs a response within the next couple of hours, tasks can be created and flagged as a higher priority before being added to the top of a member of staffs work queue.

Although these measures are brief, they aim to introduce the benefits of adopting a paperless transformation and how this can help towards providing your customers with higher levels of customer service.

If you want to provide your customers with complete satisfaction, get in touch with Dajon today.