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Offsite data storage could ease workplace stress

The fear of losing sensitive data keeps many business chiefs awake at night, new research has found.

Investing in disaster recovery services such as offsite backup storage can go a long way towards keeping staff motivated and stress-free, businesses have been advised.

Rather than job insecurity or the stress of meeting targets, new research suggests that the prospect of losing sensitive data is what keeps many high-flying professionals awake at night.

In fact, according to a poll carried out for Websense, 72 per cent of executives believe protecting company data is more stressful than getting a divorce, managing personal debt or being involved in a minor car accident.

This is hardly surprising given that, of those questioned, 86 per cent admitted that their job would be on the line if a serious data breach were to occur, while one in three fear they would be given their marching orders if sensitive information regarding a fellow executive were to find its way onto a social networking site.

Further highlighting the potential benefits of investing in disaster recovery services and other data security measures, 24 per cent of executives revealed that their firm had already been a victim of a data breach, though one in three of those polled said that they would do all they can to keep their bosses in the dark were this to happen again.

Commenting, Websense product marketing director Tom Clare noted: "This survey shows that companies need to recalculate their assumptions about how ell their data is protected."

Meanwhile, IT bosses at the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHT Trust are currently investigating a recent breach of data security protocols.

It is believed that the confidential details of hundreds of patients has been lost after a memory stick went missing.

While the incident occurred late last year, with the NHS trust promptly informing the Information Commissioner’s Office, it is only now being reported in the public sphere.