Document Scanning

Get staff involved in green movement

Staff should have a say in helping businesses to cut their paper and energy use.

Businesses looking to use document scanning to get their documents online and cut down on their paper use might also benefit from involving staff in their decisions regarding the switch to greener policies.

According to the Little Green Blog, it can be beneficial to get buy-in from workers in order to get everyone on the same page when it comes to cutting down on wastage.

The blog’s founder, who goes by the pseudonym Mrs Green, explained that the best way is getting everyone involved in the switch to greener business can help.

"Sometimes it’s good to move away from technology and back into a more community mindset," she said.

"Team meetings, setting goals and brainstorming don’t require technology – they require people to get together in a room and share ideas."

Despite this, technology can obviously play a part in cutting a firm’s outgoings and help to make it greener at the same time.

Aside from document scanning services and online document storage, businesses can use conference calling to hold meetings without adding much to their carbon footprint or transportation expenses.

Mrs Green added that monitoring energy usage is a big step forward when it comes to cutting down power bills.

"Knowledge is power and a little competitive edge can work wonders for getting staff motivated. By setting targets which you can show tangibly – by the use of energy monitors for example – people get more motivated to do their bit," she explained.

The expert claimed that there will also be wider benefits that the company might not see, but will help the nation as a whole.

"And again this can rub off on behaviours at home, which is essentially what we want to achieve. There is little use being green at work because you have to, then not bothering to make lifestyle changes at home," the blog founder concluded.