Digital Transformation

The case for moving business operations online

Secure online backup and VoIP solutions could be used to help a business grow.

Businesses considering implementing online backup technology to ensure they always have access to their most important data might be interested in the latest comments from the Federation of Communication Services.

The firm noted how voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions have revolutionised business and opened up new doors for firms to operate in a digital space.

Deputy chairman Dave Dadds said he believes cloud-based VoIP solutions will be the default for businesses in the future as an increasing number of firms move their operations online.

It may therefore make sense to have secure online backup in place in order to ensure that useful data is available at all times and not at risk from physical destruction in the same way as paper records or information stored on an in-house server might be.

Doing so could be a part of a gradual shift towards moving your business online, making it easier to expand and allowing employees to operate from anywhere in the world.

VoIP is certainly a tool that would tie in with such activities, Mr Dadds noted. The expert pointed to Skype’s achievements in the consumer market, but said other providers have seen similar success in the industrial world.

"In the business market, VoIP been around for some time but the pick up gets greater and greater every year and as businesses realise the benefits that VoIP gives, the whole thing just gets a momentum of its own really," he said.

"There’s some big deployments and small deployments among all sorts of businesses these days and certainly it’s a serious consideration for any business that’s looking to replace their telephony systems."

Mr Dadds predicted that investing in online systems makes more sense than using traditional telephony systems as it can be switched on and off as needed, costs less and can be used anywhere.