Document Scanning

Document scanning not the only way to cut energy bills

Document scanning is not the only way to improve green credentials.

There are a great many reasons to convert your business’s paper documents to online or digital ones.

Aside from the fact that PDFs can be easily sent to anyone anywhere in the world that has an internet connection, they cut down on paper wastage – great news for a firm’s environmental credentials.

It also means that printers are not constantly swallowing up electricity, helping businesses to cut their power bills.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, document scanning is not the only way to save on energy bills – there is a need to change workplace behaviours to initiate a shift in mentality when it comes to making them greener.

Energy doctor Jessica Forster noted that there is no "one size fits all approach to saving energy".

"It entirely depends on where you’ve got to already. This Energy Saving Week we’re saying that people can save £280 on their bills through a few measures – insulation, improved heating systems, lighting and changes to behaviour in the home," she said.

The same points apply to businesses, but on a larger scale. However, they require the buy-in of all staff in order to work properly.

Ms Forster noted that behavioural change is probably the most important way to influence your company’s green credentials.

"These are the things that cost no money at all, like turning down [your] heating by a degree, avoiding keeping appliances on standby and more," the expert noted.

She claimed that homeowners could save nearly £90 on their bills "by making a concerted effort to tackle the little things" – with business savings likely to be much higher if they take the same stance.

Asked what her top tip was for saving money on energy bills during the winter, the specialist stated that insulation is probably the best way to reduce expenditure.

This can be in the walls, the roof cavity or simply lagging around the pipes and boilers.