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White Papers

  • Robotic Accounting Automation (RAA

    What is Robotic Accounting Automation (RAA)?

    In this whitepaper, we will explore the development of RAA and how it can be applied to organisations across the world. We will also include a case study from Alimera Sciences to see why they implemented RAA and the benefits it has brought to their finance department.

  • Workflow Automation

    Workflow Automation

    Workflow is a catch-all word used to define all of the various business processes and procedures that go into running a successful corporation. Essentially, workflow is a series of connected steps – from the first number entry, to the final product. Every workflow begins somewhere and ends somewhere, with many complicated (and sometimes not-so-complicated) steps in between.

  • Dajon Integrations

    Dajon Integrations

    In this whitepaper we explore how Dajon can integrate with your existing software, proving your organisation with increased capabilities and efficiencies. This allows your business to implement effece process changes with minimal training needed.

  • Empowering Your Accounts Department

    Empowering Your Accounts Department

    With this document, we will help set the priorities and goals of your organisation moving forward as well as help uncover some of the inefficiencies that are going to be drivers for adopting the solution.

  • Cutting Costs

    Cutting Costs

    In this white paper we address Financial Directors, Accounts Payable Managers and Controllers who are interested in exploring and adopting new methods for the capturing of paper invoices and the automation of paper-based workflow processes.

  • SharePoint


    Many people see Microsoft SharePoint as a convenient option – they use it out of habit, rather than considering what it’s actually doing for their business. Researchers at Dajon partners, iDatix have examined SharePoint - and discovered five key areas where the program is falling short.

  • Paperless Office

    Paperless Office

    A growing number of companies are making the digital switch in an effort to save time, increase efficiency rates, boost green credentials and cut costs. In this white paper we explore the many benefits associated with going digital.

  • Legality of Scanned Documents

    Legality of Scanned Documents

    In this white paper we explore why so many British businesses believe that digital documents are not legally admissible and examine how the more forward-thinking among them can digitise their data without worrying that they are compromising it from a legal perspective.

  • Empowering Workers and Increasing Effectiveness

    Empowering Workers and Increasing Effectiveness

    In this white paper, we examine some of the aspects of engagement that are a direct benefit to the customer and the organisation simultaneously.

  • 6 Ways To Process Improvement Success

    6 Ways To Process Improvement Success

    In this white paper, we discuss ways to help ensure your process improvement initative is successful – from team selection to getting out of the habit of blindly emulating other companies' processes.

  • Process Improvement – Overcoming The Top Challenges

    Process Improvement – Overcoming The Top Challenges

    In this white paper, we discuss the key challenges that a business might face when attempting to improve its processes, and identify the ways an organisation might avoid or overcome them.

  • Workflow – The Basics

    Workflow – The Basics

    The term "workflow" can be subject to interpretation. In this white paper, we provide you with a definition of the term, as well as a basic rundown of workflow processes.