Dajon Integrations

In this whitepaper we explore how Dajon can integrate with your existing software, proving your organisation with increased capabilities and efficiencies. This allows your business to implement effective process changes with minimal training needed.

Work as you always have – but smarter

At Dajon Data Management we understand that large changes in your business often result in alienation and are not well received by your employees.

That’s why our Document Management system allows your staff to work as they always have, but with increased insight and expertise.

Custom workflows for your business

Our staff will work with your business to develop a solution that is specific to your organisation. Custom workflows will ensure your Document Management system takes into account your existing company structure and processes.


Dajon’s Document Management solution integrates with a majority of industry leading software.

If your software is not listed in this white paper, get in touch and we will find out if we can adapt our software to accommodate your business.


Dajon’s Document Management system allow’s your staff to securely access their documents without needing to open Sage. Invoices can be created quickly and easily, with custom workflows to validate invoices before notifying staff. This frees up your staff, giving them time to focus on more value-adding tasks, and reducing the likelihood of data entry errors.


Dajon’s integration with Oracle can allow your business to create a Virtual Workforce. Data can be retrieved from Oracle and validated before being sent through the workflow for completion. Manual processes can be automated to reduce time-consuming tasks.


Dajon can integrate with QuickBooks to offer automation of your paper-based processes. Data can be queried and retrieved for indexing and process validation.

Even users who do not use QuickBooks can access information, as long as they do so via a web browser, this ensures all approved staff can access documents when needed.


Dajon’s Document Management system will integrate with SAP to allow invoices to be automatically generated and validated. Staff will be able to access their documents securely without needing to open SAP, reducing the time spent between tasks.

Our system will eliminate the need for manual tasks and reduce the likelihood of data entry errors occurring.


Dajon’s integration with Xero will allow your staff to automatically post accounts payable and receivable invoices into the Xero platform.

New contacts, both supplier and customer can be automatically created, this reduces the likelihood of incorrect invoice information being stored due to data entry errors.


With Dajon’s Qube integration, we can help you make the most of your time – automatically post invoices to the purchase ledger and gain efficiency within your department.

As with our other integrations, your data entry errors will be reduced due to key data being captured and verified before being added to your system.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Dajon’s Document Management system allows us to provide you with additional functionality. Purchase orders and invoices can be quickly generated without your staff needing to open multiple programs and manually enter data. Paper records can be scanned and automatically assigned the correct record in NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

With Microsoft Dynamics GP businesses of all sizes can gain the benefits of larger companies. A range of documents can be matched and grouped, including Customer Orders and Purchase Requests. Data can be gathered from paper records and automatically assigned to supporting documents in GP.

Workflows provide quicker document processing and ensure your staff no longer need to focus on repetitive manual tasks.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

Your records can be automatically validated to ensure they are in your system and documents can be quickly located using our keyword search, even if they exist within document text.

Non-Microsoft SL users can quickly access important documents using their web browser.