Empowering your Accounts Department

Accounting and AP automation

In order for an organisation to properly implement and utilise an electronic document and automation solution, it must understand why it needs a solution at all. By starting with a needs assessment and moving on to potential benefits, companies will see successful decision making begin to emerge.

More than searching for a vendor that offers x, y, or z it is important to look for a solution that can solve your business problems. In many cases, an organisation will task an employee for identifying and cataloguing multiple vendors without understanding the overall need or push for this type of solution.

It is imperative that the business answer the following questions before moving forward with the overall selection of vendors. This checklist will help set the priorities and goals of your organisation moving forward as well as help uncover some of the inefficiencies that are going to be drivers for adopting the solution.

Accounting Needs Assessment

The following questionnaire will assess the demands of
your accounting department.