Empowering Workers and Increasing Effectiveness

In this white paper, we examine some of the aspects of engagement that are a direct benefit to the customer and the organisation simultaneously.

HR Automation also Reduces Manual Administration and Monitoring

The right solution will enable your company to sync your people, paper and processes from the start. Look for a solution that offers authorised users instant access to information when and where

it is needed. With the powerful features of process auto­mation, you’ll eliminate time-wasting manual paper pro­cesses and replace them with improved document sharing and collaboration across departments.

HR Automation also Automates and Enforces Business Rules and Processes

Another way to help your company achieve a quick ROI is to take advantage of process automation. across your entire organisation. Auto-indexing features make sure your data is organised according to business rules and pre­vents lost or misfiled documents. Also, look for the ability to add your own business process routing. This enables organisations to set up approval process, routing, audit trails, and adds security to the management of document processing.

  • Staff has unnecessary and unsafe access to confiden­tial employee and client information because there is no efficient way to protect this information
  • Staff is constantly challenged with the need to share information; this often results in unnecessary emailing, faxing and printing
  • Field workers require access to information but have no way to obtain it without redundant emails/phone calls/ trips to and from headquarters

Organisations will skip these steps in a lot of cases because it has simply been set as a strategic vision and the managers are asking for options. This results in insuf­ficient and improper planning, which sets the stage for a failed implementation. Safeguard against failure by doing the necessary research and ensuring the organisation gets the solution it needs, the first time.


Hopefully it’s clear that by automating HR in your organ­isation, you can increase employee engagement and ensure that your business is functioning at the highest level possible.

Proven Results

A large non-profit organisation was struggling to engage their workers, and at the time had a 35% annual turno­ver rate.

By leveraging automation and agile software solutions, the organisation has achieved a 25% reduction in time spent on paperwork, a 70% reduction in interdepartmen­tal inquiries, and over £80,000 in annual savings.

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