Document Scanning

How to cut your firm’s environmental impact

Document scanning services and green driving are just two ways to improve a firm’s environmental credentials.

Business managers have a number of options available to them when looking to improve their firm’s environmental credentials.

One way could be to invest in a document scanning service to get important paperwork online instead of issuing hard copies to everyone who needs to read it.

By using secure document storage, enterprises can cut down on their paper wastage, saving money and helping the environment at the same time.

Having essential information stored digitally with offsite backup also means that all is not lost if disaster strikes and the firm’s main facility is lost to fire or some other terrible occurrence.

Another way of reducing a company’s impact on the environment is to educate drivers at the firm on how to reduce the impact their vehicles have on their carbon footprint by changing their habits.

According to Global Action Plan, changing an entire fleet to eco-friendly vehicles can be costly, but having educational chats with employees can be a cost-effective way to reduce their fuel use and therefore their environmental impact.

Development officer Neeral Shah explained that even electric and hybrid cars have to be driven in the right way to be as economical as possible.

"It’s all still about energy use at the end of the day, and you’re trying to get people to be more resourceful," he said.

"It’s not about throwing things away just because your company pays for it – it’s about saving fuel, carbon emissions and money."

The expert added that responsible motoring also means employees will be safer on the roads.

"Eco-driving is also safer driving, it’s better for your car because it [results in] less wear and tear when you’re not revving your engine," Mr Shah claimed.

"Once you get people talking and engage them in a conversation, you can [advise] them on options for buying a new car et cetera."