Backup and Storage

Various devices used to access secure online data storage

IT departments should consider the various devices that will be used to access data that is stored securely online.

When a business invests in electronic document storage to allow workers to access their information remotely, there are a number of things to consider from an IT point of view, it has been claimed.

Using data management storage allows information to be kept electronically, theoretically allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection and letting them do their job with all the advantages of being in the office, without carrying around stacks of paperwork.

Magic Software Enterprises suggested that IT departments should look to use a platform that is capable of working with multiple operating systems in order to see the full benefit of allowing remote access.

As workers tend to use different devices to access information remotely, managing director for the UK, Ireland and Nordic nations David Akka claimed it is best to keep this in mind when setting up the platform.

"In the past an organisation could say ‘my strategy is Blackberry’, or ‘my strategy is Apple iOS’," he said.

"Right now, because it is pushed from a consumer market, the IT strategy needs to support all of them."

As such, firms often have to make a decision as to whether they stick to one platform and develop it, or choose one that is capable of working in conjunction with the others.

"Ideally what enterprises want is to have an Apple application that is able to run on Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile, [for example]," the expert explained.

"The platform takes care of deployment on multiple platforms – this is one challenge."

He noted that another challenge for IT departments is setting up a system whereby they can shut down a device remotely if it is lost or stolen in order to protect their secure document storage systems from potential misuse.