Digital Transformation

Remote backup service ‘could promote efficiency’

Offsite backup allows for greater efficiency within companies.

Keeping tabs on your organisation’s valuable data via a remote backup service could be combined with specialist software to improve efficiency.

Malcolm Trotter, chief executive at the International Association of Book-keepers, explained that accounting software "speeds things up" and is a lot faster than manually processing invoices and recording them.

"[The setting up] can be a major headache for micro and small businesses because they might not have the expertise or confidence to do that," he noted. "But once they get over that hurdle, the benefits immediately kick in. Speed is one of the benefits and easy access once you have entered the system."

Mr Trotter pointed out that companies could also save money by automating their accounting data, which would allow them to include other things, such as electronic banking straight from their software.

"You can immediately see at a push of a button what your cash flow situation is and what the debtors are to your business so you can chase them for payment. The other side of it – the people you owe money to, the creditors – you can immediately see what is coming up and which bills are coming up for payment soon," he commented.

"All those things are critical for the operation of a business and particularly in these difficult times."

Mr Trotter’s advice came after iCloudDrive highlighted the many varied benefits to using offsite backup storage services, including having safe access to data.

The company pointed out that hundreds of thousands of hard drives crash each week, laptops are stolen, data is corrupted and human error means some data is at risk of being lost for ever.

"The good news is that if you are comfortable using online banking, you will have even less to worry about using a cloud service for backup of your photos, music and digital files," the firm added.