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Less than a quarter of businesses properly prepared for the Olympics, says survey

Not all companies are ready to deal with the threat the Olympics poses to business continuity

With 99 days to go until the Olympic Games that are expected to see thousands of visitors descend on the capital, a survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Interactive Intelligence has found that only 23 per cent of senior managers believe their business is properly prepared for the event.

Transport systems in the south-east are set to come under intense pressure from an increased number of passengers who will be travelling to and from the Olympic Park, and many businesses are concerned about the impact that higher levels of congestion will have on commuters’ ability to get to the office.

While 57 per cent of companies have either taken steps to facilitate employees that will be working remotely from home or are planning to do so in a bid to combat the disruption, 28 per cent are risking their productivity levels as they are not considering implementing such strategies.

"The Olympic Games is going to be a catalyst for many companies turning to remote working in London and the south," said Dave Paulding, regional sales director for Interactive Intelligence.

"However, it will be those that make preparations sooner rather than later who will achieve the most benefit."

Data management storage, secure online backup services and scanning documents to make them accessible to employees that are connected to a company’s network are just a small number of the vast amount of ways in which businesses can look to implement effective remote working techniques.

If companies based in and around the capital are to properly deal with the upheaval that the Olympics is set to cause, these methods could be imperative to ensuring business does not suffer as workers will still be able to carry out their day-to-day tasks.

"The advantages to businesses and their employees are clear," Mr Paulding added.