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Continuity key to business during the Olympics

Companies need to ensure their systems are ready to take advantage of revenue possibilities during the Games

While expected to bring a huge boost to the UK economy, the Olympics also has the potential to have a detrimental impact on businesses this summer as any disruption can affect productivity.

And with many Londoners planning to work from home and companies looking to find the best way to adapt to the Games, software solutions company m-hance has warned that failure to make the proper provisions for continuity could see many miss out on the revenue opportunity presented by the Olympics.

"Security and continuity is a huge concern for businesses at any time, but this one-off unique event provides a good opportunity to review plans and ensure that your company’s position is assured," said Andrew Hayward, managing director of m-hance.

As such, a business that employs a secure online backup service could improve their ability to address any malfunctions or unexpected issues, helping to facilitate better continuity and avoid any loss of the revenue possibilities that the Games will offer.

This could be especially important for companies who are looking to accommodate employees working from home due to the increased congestion expected on the capital’s public transport system.

With recent research from Deloitte suggesting only one in five are planning to review their continuity strategy prior to the Games, it appears many more should take into account the disaster recovery provisions that their company has in place if they are going to be able to deal with any emergencies.

"Companies need to plan ahead and recognise where their internal infrastructure needs to be developed to cope with a spike in demand," Mr Hayward added.

Having a system in place that can properly meet the needs of employees and prevent any significant disruptions to service will enable businesses to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the Olympics, saving them missing out if they are unable to adapt to the changes that the Games will bring.