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Difficulties of dealing with a wide variety of data

Processing and storing a wide range of data is a difficult challenge

With businesses now accumulating and storing ever-growing volumes of data due to the growth of modern technology, the way in which companies process their reams of information can present a range of difficulties when it comes to going back and accessing their records.

Keeping details of everything from transactions, past meetings and phone calls is perceived as particularly important for businesses as they look to benefit from the data they have collated by using it to model future strategies, so storing this effectively is considered an important aspect of records management.

Given that holding onto an increasing variety of diverse data poses different challenges depending on the nature and content of specific files, one expert believes it is the sheer volume of wide ranging information that companies now have to process that is the biggest barrier to overcome.

"I think people look at big data and they think about the volume, the velocity and the variety," said Steve Sarsfield, data governance expert and author.

"The variety of data speaks to all the different things that you might have to deal with."

As such, effective data management storage could be key for businesses in the future as they look to make use of the information they have gathered rather than simply leave it to pile up with no sense of co-ordination or organisation.

Properly handling files and records is also important for companies whose systems provide a direct, live service to consumers, as they have to be capable of responding to spikes in demand and adapting to the needs of customers if they are to process details quickly and effectively.

"Sometimes there’ll be times when we’ll have a very slow trickle of data and then something will happen and the data volumes will suddenly spike up [and] we have to deal with that," Mr Sarsfield added.

It appears that as the world of data grows, the importance of properly managing it will be of great importance to supporting businesses and enabling them to learn from their records.