Digital Transformation

Implementation of 4G ‘will bring thousands of jobs’ to Britain

The introduction of 4G connectivity has the potential to create over 100,000 jobs

Much has been written about the potential for the widespread implementation of 4G broadband speeds to improve the UK’s internet infrastructure and boost its position on the international stage when it comes to the connectivity rankings, but it appears that it will also provide a strong stimulus to the country’s jobs market.

That’s the view of technology journalist Michael Brook, who believes that the work required to ensure 4G speeds are available throughout Britain will create significant employment opportunities as the network is put in place.

"It will create around about 125,000 jobs in the UK and stimulate £5.5 billion worth of investment in the UK – and add about five per cent to the GDP in the UK by the end of the decade," he said.

"I believe there are more [opportunities] in the south but the north are also going to benefit because this is a country-wide initiative. It is not just a southern concentration of jobs, there are going to be jobs created across the country."

And as well as the jobs that will be created by the process of setting up 4G connectivity, there’s also the benefits it will bring to all businesses that have adopted remote working practices as part of their operations.

Indeed, the ability of the quickest services to boost productivity by providing workers with faster access to their company’s network is considered one of the main benefits that will result from the introduction of 4G technology in the UK.

Yet as with any development that is likely to lead to even greater volumes of information being traded via the internet, there’s the increased need to ensure that such data is effectively secured.

As such, backing up files securely will be vital for any companies that do opt to conduct more of their businesses through the web as fast broadband speeds become more widely available.