Backup and Storage

The world of data is ‘increasing exponentially’

The amount of information being collected and stored is continuing to grow rapidly

Whether they decide to direct files to a digital mailroom or back them up in electronic document storage, the sheer volumes of data that companies are now collating mean that they face the constant challenge of protecting and organising their records effectively.

So with the emphasis on the need to continue developing the ways in which businesses process the data that they capture, Dominic Pollard, editor at the Big Data Insight Group, explains just how substantial the challenge is.

"One of the most commonly stated facts is that today we generate as much electronic data every single day as everything that had been created prior to 2003," he said.

However, while collecting data and storing it online has become increasingly popular, Mr Pollard also believes that the technological world should be able to adapt to the tasks it faces and come up with the appropriate solutions.

"While we can only assume that even more sources and methods of data collation will materialise all of the time, we can also be confident that storing, accessing and analysing these mounds of data will improve more or less at a similar pace," he added.

In this respect, as the methods used to capture data and collate information become more efficient and comprehensive, it is expected that the means of co-ordinating its storage and ensuring the files stay easily accessible will improve in kind.

And considering the need for companies to find adequate ways to protect the confidential records that they accumulate, it is important to remember that this will also play an essential role in the growth of data.

Yet as businesses continue to step up the volumes of information they store, any failure on behalf of security systems to provide the necessary protection could leave many exposed to breaches and cyber attacks, so it will be vital that effective safeguards continue to develop accordingly.