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How document storage helped BAA save millions

Document storage has helped airport operator BAA save millions of pounds, it has been revealed.

Investing in document storage is a good idea for a number of reasons, with businesses able to quickly access what they need and have everything available in one place.

One example of how it can make good sense to use data management techniques to keep tabs on the masses of disparate information related to your company can be seen in the case of BAA, which claims its operations have saved millions of pounds by having an accessible library of information.

With about two million documents on file relating to the running of its facilities, the airport operator needed to put a system in place to allow it to quickly sift through the data it owns and find what it needs.

This method of secure document storage recently enabled it to trim tens of millions off of its annual expenditure by ensuring it won a key case against it.

Having made its information easier to search by investing in records storage techniques that were easy to understand, the company has been able to run more efficiently and make savings where it might not otherwise have done.

Information management leader Tina Burgess noted that a single search of its library of information allowed the business to save a massive sum of money.

"By improving information management, we found a document last year that meant we could defend against a claim that saved us £40 million ($63 million) to £50 million," she said.

"The quantity of information relating to the build of Terminal 5 needed something quite powerful to control it all."

In other news, research body Gartner has pointed to the storage and management of big data as a key thing for IT departments to focus on next year.

It predicted that the handling of information will become more and more important as time goes on and libraries become bigger.